At OLAN, we have for the past couple of years been using the UNEB curriculum which is monitored by the National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC) Just like many public schools, OLAN follows the institution guidelines to the latter and the last couple of years have been excellent in terms of academic performances as well as co curricula activities.

At the institution, we have invested a lot to make sure that we get the best out of all the students that come to the schools. In fact, we have more than enough resources in the institution to give the children quality education. Moreover, we do have guidance coming from the government in form of the national curriculum development center. They do guide us by offering curriculum guidelines and evaluation resources. On our part, we have invested in high-quality human resource, modern laboratories, good boarding facilities and a balanced diet among others.

In this regard, you can be confident that our staff members are very keen with the children's performances and behavior.We believe that the curriculum is one of the best in the East African region as it has proven time and again that it can produce high ranking government officials and important people in the society. Other than the normal classes, the teachers interact with the students on a personal level in order to realize their abilities and interests. In this way, the teachers I able to offer only the best to the students.

The ‘O’ level Curriculum

Compulsory subjects
1. English
2. Mathematics
3. Physics
4. Chemistry
5. Biology
6. History ( East Africa and South Africa)
7. Geography
8. Christian Religious Education – CRE

9. Agriculture
10. Literature
11. Luganda
12. Commerce
13. I.R.E(Islamic Religious Education)
14. P.E(Physical Education)
15. Fine art

‘A’ level Syllabus

Science Subjects

Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry,Agriculture,Food and Nutrition,Technical Drawing(TD)

Arts Subjects

Economics, History, Geography, Divinity, Entrepreneurship, Fine Art and Luganda